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Mayor’s Scholarship Fund

Former Idaho Falls mayor, Jared Fuhriman, started the Mayor’s Scholarship Fund in 2006 stating, “It takes an entire community to keep the light of success and achievement burning. Idaho Falls is one such place, and I am both privileged and honored to live here with you.”

The support offered through our scholarships is more than simply financial aid. As past recipient Kayla says, “The Mayor’s Scholarship Fund helped me tremendously. It encouraged me with the idea that there are people in my home community supporting my studies. I couldn’t be more thankful to have received the award.” Another recipient, LaKesha, tells us, “The night of the awards event was great. It was awesome to be able to meet the donors, talk to them and personally thank them.”


2024 Applications Due February 7th, 2024

“Education is the thread that makes the fabric of a community stronger, and why Fluor Idaho is a major supporter of the Mayor’s Scholarship Fund.”